Gainesville Sun Columnist Pat Dooley

Aug 21, 2013 -- 1:02pm

Pat Dooley joined "XL Primetime"  and discussed the Gators' running backs:

"Matt Jones is the guy they've got to have, and it doesn't have to be there in the first game or even the second, as good as Miami is this year.  You got to be able to count on him when you get to the meat of that schedule and they're hoping that's going to be the case.  He's gotten his weight back up, he was back at practice last night, running around a little bit, with a helmet on - that's a good sign.  My gut is he's not going play in that first game and then be back for the Miami game.  

"Mack Brown's done ok for them so far and so has this walk on Mike Herndon.  It's funny, he came to Media Day and I was like 'who the heck is Mike Herndon.'

"Kelvin and Adam White both have done good, but they're the typical freshman: they fumble too much and they don't block well in the pass game; they're kind of where Matt Jones was at this point last year."

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