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Roster Trimming Begins with "53" in Mind

Aug 20, 2013 -- 11:08am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

The numbers will start to get smaller.

On Monday, the Jaguars announced they had cut receiver Mohamed Massaquoi and guard Jason Spitz from the roster. It is just one part of the purge that will now begin for this team as it moves toward a 53-man roster.

This is where the fans see just how the minds of both Dave Caldwell and Gus Bradley work in preparation for the season opener on September 8. It really is just part of the game, but we all know there is more to come.

Who will be called into the coaches office like going to the principal’s office for bad behavior? Will more veterans be purged to leave room for younger talent - talent that is still unproven. Will a really big name have its fire extinguish like in the game of Survivor?

Remember, as long as you have fire, you have life. In this case, as long as you have a playbook, you are still in the game.

Maybe it is bad analogy, but I try.

This training camp is like a game of "Survivor" for these Jaguars and the 53 spots they are all trying to secure. While the starting 22 and the special teams players are pretty well set, there are 28 spots still up for grabs. Names will shock you. Names will surprise you. And names you did not think had a chance of sticking will be there at the end. It is the Murphy’s Law of professional football.

Now that Massaquoi and Spitz are gone (two names I predicted), who else will go?

The receiving unit is a log jam. Jeremy Ebert, Toney Clemons and Charly Martin could be gone very soon.

The secondary is loaded with names, but no one is really stepping up except Marcus Trufant, Alan Ball, Dwayne Gratz and Johnathan Cyprien (in practice). Mike Harris, Jeremy Harris and Antwon Blake could all be in jeopardy. And I am not sold on Chris Prosinski remaining with teams.

Who do you cut from the running back slot when you saw good production from Jordan Todman the other night. You figure this team will keep five runners, and MJD, Justin Forsett and Denard Robinson are listed as 1-2-3 on the depth chart. I think Will Ta’ufo’ou and Lonnie Pryor make this team. Could De’Leon Eskridge be a casualty?

The point is, we have all become familiar with all these players. No cut will be easy and each will hurt just a little bit, if not more. By the time the preseason ends, the fans and this organization will say goodbye to 28 players who was have grown to cheer for.

We can only hope the 53 players remain give us something more to cheer for than just a walk onto the practice field or a trot through a tunnel.

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