Justin Blackmon and Pole Dancing

Aug 15, 2013 -- 5:45am

First, my thoughts about Justin Blackmon:

It was by all accounts a minor incident but it involved Blackmon – so that makes it a bigger and more worrisome deal.

The Jaguars second-year wide receiver simply can’t stay away from trouble in varying degrees and that pattern of behavior makes Blackmon a longshot to ever fulfill the expectations of Jaguars fans.

There’s no debating Blackmon’s talent. The debate is whether he’s immature or a thug or an addict or all three. In little over a year with the Jaguars Blackmon has had issues with alcohol and is already suspended for the first four games of the upcoming season by NFL for violating the substance abuse policy. He had an injury issue.

And now there’s the Friday night incident during the Jags-Dolphins preseason game at Everbank Field that involved Blackmon, teammate Jason Babin and Coach Gus Bradley after Blackmon took issue with a tackle made by Miami CB Nolan Carroll.

Blackmon finds trouble. Why should anyone think that will stop?

Second, news about pole dancing (that doesn’t involve Blackmon):

The International Olympic Committee is pondering whether or not to drop wrestling while at the same time thinking about adding pole dancing to the competition.

What in the Jesse Owens is going on here? Holy Bob Hayes! Tell me it ain’t Bruce Jenner!

Has the IOC leadership lost its collective mind?

No. It’s just show biz.

The Olympic Games remain great competition, but first and forecast it has evolved into a great TV show. Every two years for two weeks the TV ratings are dominated by the Olympics.

But the ratings could always be better, and better ratings mean higher rights fees.

Now the cold, hard facts: Wrestling doesn’t attract that big of a TV audience but sports featuring scantily-clad girls/women during all sorts of moves are extremely popular. Think figure skating and gymnastics.

Pole dancing should feel attract a lot of eye balls.

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