Who is Denard Robinson?

Jul 12, 2013 -- 7:51am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

He started in college as a quarterback, was a Heisman hopeful, and left college to pursue a career in the NFL. Scouts loved his ability as an athlete, but not so much as a quarterback. Guess you could say welcome to Denard Robinson’s world.
The fifth round selection of the Jacksonville Jaguars has become a cult hero of sorts, the fans wanting to see his flashes of brilliance and his No. 29 jersey run through the offensive line or out on the wing in a receiver formation. It is those things that have made him a curiosity of sorts, a champion of his own cause and one of the more talked about rookies in the NFL this offseason.
But do we really know who Denard Robinson is? Do we really think he can be a Kordell Stewart? Is he Antwaan Randle El? Can he engineer comebacks in the fourth quarter like Mark Brunell? Is he going to change the course of history for this team?
Robinson’s celebrity is also increased by the fact he is on the cover of NCAA Football 14. Let’s just hope there isn’t a jinx for this game as there claims to be for Madden Football.
The point here is there is no real way to tell yet how effective this player, or any player for that matter, is going to play in the NFL once he leaves college. Tim Tebow, Mike Mamula, Tony Mandarich and the like were all huge successes in college but effective failures in the pro ranks (yes, Tebow has time), and we as Jaguars fans are hoping for that little ray of sunshine to come down from the sky and give us a boost.
Robinson does that.
Now that he is signed, sealed and ready for practice, the hero worship and the cult following can begin. But it is only effective if he is producing on the field. The adoration of the player this time really has nothing to do with the wins and losses. But if he is part of the winning formula, that makes him that much greater an asset to this team.
I’m not saying Robinson will be the savior to for this franchise. I think he will make it interesting. He may captivate us with his flashy running, maybe a spectacular catch or two and a fan club that the Jaguars would love to have. But if we do not clearly know what kind of player he will be for the team, how can we expect him to emulate other players and win one for the team?

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