NFL Wrong to Justify Misbehavior

Jul 08, 2013 -- 9:44am

The NFL almost gleefully tells us that while it is concerned about the off-field problems of its players, the number of its bad boys is below the national average. Nearly 3,000 players and 30 arrests means only slightly more than 1 percent of NFL players are misbehaving.

Not so fast, my NFL lobbyists.

When you consider that the NFL 3,000 all have had some exposure to college, are financially well above the average and have strong support groups in their corners, well, that brings us back to reality. Far too many pro athletes are spoiled brats who think they are above the law and deserve special treatment.

It is a shame that so few can taint the image of so many. Most NFL players are decent young men who appreciate the talent they have and work hard to enhance their skills.

That’s the message the NFL should be putting out. Instead of trying to shrug off the actions of a few thugs the NFL should adopt a two-strikes-and-you’re-out policy.

Why not a zero tolerance policy? That’s not realistic or fair, regardless of what walk of life we’re discussing.

While there’s little to nothing average about NFL players when compared to a random group of 3,000 men between the ages of 20 to 40 and the conduct of NFL players should be well above the norm considering all of the advantages they have, it isn’t all sunshine and marshmallows for these guys. There is more pressure to perform than most of us can understand. There is the physical pain they must endure as well, The NFL is a violent game, even more so than most people can image.

These issues should be addresses more seriously and not lumped into any boys-will-be-boys discussions. 

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