A Conversation with Mark Lamping

Jun 27, 2013 -- 9:39am

By: Connor Perez (@connorperez)

I am privileged to know one of the greatest figures in the sport of football, Jaguars President Mark Lamping. I was able to interview him at EverBank Field, discussing several topics.

“I didn’t have a specific vision to what the future would hold.” Mark Lamping answered, after I asked where he saw himself career-wise after college.

He never imagined running a sports franchise. I was shocked. Could you imagine not seeing yourself involved with sport and then suddenly running an entire franchise?  That’s why he is one of the most appreciative and recognized men in sport, in my opinion. He didn’t count down the days expecting to be a President.

I asked Mark Lamping how he viewed working in a career in sport, and any advice he could offer.

“Like many people, I enjoy sports. But it is very difficult to get a job…in the sports industry. And I always felt that the best thing for people to do is to pursue a job…that will present multiple growth opportunities. And if you can do that with a company that has some involvement with sports, you can merge.”

After learning about his past career in St. Louis, I asked how Jacksonville is different as a pro sports city.

“Jacksonville is filled with very knowledgeable and passionate sport fans. College sports are much more important. There is still a tremendous sports culture here, even though there is only one professional sports team.”

I asked how the process of being President of the Jaguars is approached daily.

“It’s every day. It changes every day. There is no start and end, only where you are and where you need to get to. And where you need to get to changes every day.”

So, if you still want to be a President of an NFL franchise, get ready for a daily uphill climb and a never ending task to enhance the experience of every game day.

Finally, I asked Mark Lamping what his message was for Jaguars fans this season.

“Expect the unexpected. Whether that’s in the form of new initiatives in the stadiums, or even what you see on the field.”

            Jaguars fans, expect the unexpected.

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