Time for MJD, and Fans, to Concentrate on Football

Jun 26, 2013 -- 8:57am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

With the announcement from the St. John's County State Attorney’s Office that charges would not be filed against Maurice Jones-Drew, the only thing that remained to be asked was, “When does training camp begin?”

Now that there is no reason to think Jones-Drew, who was accused of allegedly hitting a nightclub security guard, has anything else on his mind other than getting himself back into football shape, having two good feet to run on, and helping the Jaguars improve on last season’s two wins.  Nothing else matters. The possibility of a civil lawsuit does not matter. The idea of “what could have happened” does not matter.

We as a society and as fans of this team and the player have to develop amnesia. Of course, seeing No. 32 run for 100 yards a game and score a touchdown or two a game helps make that an easier transition.  We have accepted athletes back to sports for worse reasons (Ray Lewis, Leonard Little, even Brett Favre to some extent). This is minor, if it indeed happened.

But like you, I and the other media members must develop thick skin. We must cheer for our hero (like we did at mini camp) and we must hope the only thing we see or hear about him doing this season, is running to daylight, scoring touchdowns and being a fireplug for this franchise.

Prior to all this happening with the “incident,” team owner Shad Khan was interviewed by NFL Network. He said he was pleased with the way this team had shown improvement, had a different culture and he liked the progress players had been making, including MJD. That mantra must continue as well.

There are so many great things this team could do this season. It appeared something like this “incident” could have derailed that from happening. Also, had MJD been charged, it would have opened the door for there to be more scrutiny of the star player, something as we saw from last season, he was none too happy about.

Now, he does not have to worry about it and neither do we. The only thing we all need to worry about is football season. And in this offseason, that’s the way it should be.

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