Khan Remains Jags Biggest Star

Jun 14, 2013 -- 7:13am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

Maybe the biggest aspect forgotten in all of the positive energy within EverBank Field and the Jaguars’ practice fields is the attention the team’s “Rock Star” owner gets once he gets on the field.
Whether this team admits it or not, Shad Khan is the organization’s biggest draw.
The rags to riches auto parts manufacturer who bought an NFL franchise is just what this team and this community ordered and needed.
He is nothing like this town has seen, he is nothing like this town envisioned and yet he fits the profile so well.
When Khan was on the field during rookie training camp and OTAs and then mandatory mini camp, he gave the team and the community a shot in the arm. He was one of them. He was one of us.
What I uniquely appreciate about him is his frank speech and his candor. Khan pulls no punches, wants a winning franchise and will take the necessary steps to get one. He has proven that with three coaches in three year’s time. Finally, he may have stumbled upon the right formula for success.
He is not the Davis family. He is not Daniel Snyder and he is certainly not Jerry Jones and Jacksonville and the Jaguars are better off for it. Seeing him amongst the masses, talking with fans and coaches and media makes you think he is just as much of a fan as we are, and he would be cheering amongst us if he were the “average” guy. But he isn’t. He’s “our” guy. He’s “our” owner. And in the end he’s the one who will bring us a winning franchise and possibly a Super Bowl.
Oh, and I guess that makes him our “Rock Star” as well. And for this writer and fan, that’s a pretty good thing.

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