No Need to Rush Judgement in MJD Case

May 31, 2013 -- 10:18am

For now I’m giving Maurice Jones-Drew the benefit of the doubt.

While MJD has made several PR blunders in the last year – last summer’s holdout, not communicating with the new coaching staff, making excuses and blaming others for Justin Blackmon’s problems – the Jaguars’ All-Pro running back has never done anything I’m aware of to call his character into question.

Until now, maybe. And, I think, it’s important to point out MJD wasn’t hanging out at a strip joint in the middle of the night. Whatever happened happened at 8 p.m. at a popular restaurant-bar. There were hundreds of people – no doubt some families -- celebrating a holiday.

And the stink from the Memorial Day weekend incident at The Conch House in St. Augustine is coming from all sides.

If the victim and his attorney have video evidence of MJD throwing a punch, then show it instead of talking about it. Is this a classic case of someone and a lawyer trying to squeeze money out of a celebrity; looking for their 15 seconds of fame with a nice payday to boot?

If MJD is guilty and lying about it, he deserves double punishment. The cover-up would be as bad as the altercation.

In the meantime, I have his back.

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