Is Bradley Naive to "Trust" Blackmon

May 09, 2013 -- 9:55am


By: Connor Perez (@connorperez)

My feelings are mutual with Jacksonville. Justin Blackmon has disappointed us all. The Jaguars bet on a risky wide receiver, got lucky with the rookie, but luck only runs so far. Justin Blackmon had an opportunity to become one of the greatest wide receivers in the game, but  instead decided to blow (excuse the pun) his chances with illegal substances. The city of Jacksonville wants to know why.

            “I told Justin I do trust him” (Gus Bradley, Times Union May 2).

Gus Bradley trusts Justin Blackmon?

Well, does he have any choice?

I say no. A coach is a coach. His job is to bring the best out of players on the field, off the field activity influence is optional. Coaching is not babysitting, nor is it parenting. Coaching can be mentoring, yes, but it’s also a job in a high-stakes business. 

 “I do trust him”.

Let that echo for a minute.

Before the draft, Blackmon was also caught with a DUI charge and an embarrassment to his name. Why does Gus Bradley trust him?

            Justin Blackmon is dynamic. His potential soars beyond his misbehavior. He is young and enveloped in the serenity of NFL fame that can change a person. Justin is making his mistakes early. Sooner rather than later suddenly has a deeper meaning.

The Jaguars, including Gus Bradley, trust Blackmon. Why? Blackmon brings luck to a team in need of it, and with such talent comes opportunity. The Jaguars are betting all in on Blackmon. Will you call?

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