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MJD at The Players' a Good Sign

May 09, 2013 -- 9:03am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)


Here is the only time you may hear a reference to the The Players Championship and about the Jacksonville Jaguars in the same angle. Here it goes.

For Jaguars’ fans, The Players Championship may not be as important as the people who attend it, most notably Maurice Jones-Drew. The former rushing champion has been in California, rehabbing his injured foot, which he had surgery on last year. Seeing him up and walking around in Jacksonville long before any mini camp or OTA’s or mandatory practices is a great thing for Jaguars fans to see, and may shed some light on MJD’s commitment to this season in Black and Teal.

I’m not saying he wasn’t committed before, but we all know what happened last season, the 38-day holdout while his teammates were enduring the heat, working their butts off and preparing for the regular season while he was out west, enjoying life in Cali, talking on the radio circuit, telling people that he thought he could challenge Emmitt Smith’s all time rushing title.

The noise got old, and at times, made him look like a diva, a loose cannon and someone who the Jaguars would either have to trade, suspend or give in to his demands for a new contract.

None of the above happened, but six games into the season, the team found out just how much they needed their leader and top rusher when he was injured in the Oakland game. There went the season for Jones-Drew and there went the season for the Jaguars.

Fast forward to this week. Jones-Drew is healing, been working on his degree at UCLA, and now he is in town for the golf tournament, which is a big plus not only for him, but the team. Whether he stays in town is not known, but in Jeff Prosser fashion, “C’mon man,” this has to mean something good.

The Jaguars have seemed to push all the right buttons this offseason. Add the appearance of MJD to the list. Could this mean something more? Probably not. Stars come to events like these to be seen. Having MJD back in his home away from home just adds to the mass excitement the Jags have produced lately (minus the Justin Blackmon incident). According to stories written about the progress of the injured foot (maybe the most important foot in the NFL), Jones-Drew is not expected to be back at practice in a full capacity until August. The Jaguars have other weapons to work with and teach the offense to in Justin Forsett and Denard Robinson. But the team cannot move forward if their star runner cannot move at all.

Just seeing him here for an event outside football gives us all hope he will be back soon and be back to his old self.

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