Chad Henne Must be Part of Jags' QB Competition

Apr 30, 2013 -- 10:46am


By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

I am not one who usually gets into a Twitter war or heated discussion on the Internet, but something was said that caught my attention on Monday and my response turned into a heated verbal joust.

The person who I was “sparring” with is a well-known sports blogger in town, so I will leave his name out of the discussion, but he said basically based on the events of the weekend and the fact the Jaguars signed both Matt Scott of Arizona and Jordan Rodgers of Vanderbilt, Chad Henne should not be considered in the discussion to start for the team in 2013-14.

All of this based on the signing of two free agent rookies and a quarterback who was injured for the final six games of the season. He said his decision was based on the fact ,“He was worse than Gabbert by the advanced stats.”

While advanced stats may show Gabbert was “better,” what I saw was a player who had a better relationship on the field with his receivers and more command in the huddle. Those variables win under the right situations. And given a running game with Maurice Jones-Drew and 16 games to play, who knows what Henne could have done with this team. His experience could have also allowed this team to win all three overtime games and possibly one or two other games. Based on that theory, the offense does not look that bad.

If we base our decisions based on stats in this game we all love, then so be it. Matt Scott looks the part and has been praised by everyone under the sun. But if he wasn’t drafted, there was a reason for it. The same holds true for Rodgers. He may be the brother of Aaron Rodgers, but he did go to Vanderbilt, a team that may have played in a bowl game last season, but it does not strike fear in many college opponents.

To take it a step further, if you are looking to find a starting quarterback based on bloodlines and not success, then we should have put Jordan Palmer in the lineup last season because as the brother of Arizona Cardinals’ new starter Carson Palmer who does have a good NFL arm, he had to be better than Gabbert or Henne.

Yes, it sounds crazy and yes it sounds like the popular blogger has it all figured out. I wonder if he shared this with the Jaguars’ brass and coaching staff. It sounds like a great idea in theory, but sorely missing is the fact until Gabbert shows he is in full command of this offense and this team, no quarterback should be eliminated from consideration.

No matter how one opinionated sports blogger might be or how much he might think he knows.

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