PC Police After Tiger Woods Again

Apr 11, 2013 -- 11:42am

We’ve become such a namby-pamby country. We’re so worried we’ll hurt someone’s feelings. We act like we’re walking around on eggs shells. We’ve become a nation without a sense of humor.

It’s called political correctness.

No one’s fat; they’re large. No one’s short; they’re vertically challenged. Everyone gets a trophy.

You get the picture.

NIKE’s latest ad with Tiger Woods has the PC cops is an uproar. The catch phrase is: “Winning Takes Care of Everything”.

Of course winning doesn’t necessarily take care of everything. It’s an advertising slogan, stupid. It’s meant to grab your attention and get you to buy NIKE products.

If you don’t like NIKE or Tiger or both, don’t buy the product. There are options.

Being upset by the Tiger-NIKE ad is absurd. It’s like believing if you eat a certain candy bar you will be transformed from a jerk to a nice person; drinking a certain beer will make you attractive to hot women; popping a certain pill will make you a 20-year-old stud again.

Getting back to Woods, we discovered who the real Tiger is several years ago. He’s a womanizer who repeatedly cheated on his wife. He broke up his family. We’ve known all along he’s arrogant and has a potty mouth. Did anyone really believe his well-staged and scripted apology after the ’09 scandal that rocked his world? Does anyone really believe Tiger is all that different as a man from a lot of pro athletes, entertainers, politicians, fathers and neighbors?

By many standards, Tiger is not a nice man.

By all standards, he’s a helluva golfer, maybe the greatest of all time. Nothing more, nothing less.

If the NIKE ad truly offends you, I think it’s safe to say you hate this commentary. Political correctness always has been a weakness of mine.  

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