Brittney Griner and Patric Young Not NBA Calibur

Apr 10, 2013 -- 2:40pm


Here are my thoughts on two college players who don’t have the NBA in their future.

I tried ignoring the story about Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban saying he’s open to giving Brittney Griner a tryout to make his NBA team. Cuban is a great promoter and giving Griner a tryout is nothing more than carnival-like promotion.

But the story will not die. Several colleagues have actually suggested publicly that she deserves the opportunity.

To grasp the absurdity of this story imagine an NBA team sending a scout to find a player who is 6-foot-8, 175 pounds and lacks strength, quickness and jumping ability.

Griner is an outstanding woman basketball player. Her size and skill have set new standards for the game. She’ll be a star in the WNBA.

To give her a tryout with an NBA team would not only be a sick joke, it would hurt the growth of the women’s game. It would only illustrate the obvious and gigantic difference between the men and women.

Patric Young’s decision to return for his senior season at Florida had to be the easiest decision of his life. What options did he really have?

There are reports it was “iffy” that Young would be taken in the first round of the NBA draft. Iffy, indeed. I can’t imagine Young being drafted at all. I have a difficult time imagining him making an NBA team.

He does have one thing you can’t coach: size. At 6-9, 250, he has an NBA body. Otherwise he’s an average to slightly above average college player -- at best. He has extremely limited offensive skills; he’s not aggressive as a rebounder or defender. What he has been in three seasons as a Gator is a competent supporting player.

His return as a senior will help Florida, which could make a championship run. He’ll likely play fewer minutes and but make a bigger contribution because the Gators have two transfers, both big men, who become eligible and two highly-regarded recruits. If Young had turned pro he’d be playing in Brazil or some other distant locale.

But don’t despair for Young. His future is bright. He has proven what a bright young man he is, twice being named the SEC’s scholar-athlete of the year. In the real world he is a first round draft choice.

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