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Mar 07, 2013 -- 6:32pm


Today’s topics: Rashean Mathis, Mike Trout and the Worm . . .

I want to thank Rashean Mathis. Not only was he a fine player for the Jaguars, perhaps the best cornerback in franchise history, but he represented his team and city with class.

Mathis embraced his role as a team leader both on and off the field. He understood how playing in his hometown – he’s an Englewood High grad -- drew additional attention to himself and he seldom, if ever, shied away from the extra demands it created. Win or lose, Mathis made himself available after games and patiently answered every question thrown his way. His replies were usually coachspeak, but he always sounded sincere.

He probably received more than his share of criticism from the fans and media but he never seemed bitter about it or made excuses. Playing cornerback in the NFL is a tough job. Truth is he was a good to very good player for at least six of his 10 seasons with the Jaguars.

I wish him the best down the road, whether he’s playing for another team or enjoying retirement.


Rookie sensation Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels got a $20,000 raise to $510,000 for the upcoming season. His agent, Craig Landis, is furious and has complained it’s insulting and just wrong. Well, of course, based on the ridiculous salaries paid today and Trout’s incredible season in 2012, he is grossly underpaid.

I’ll bet, though, Landis hasn’t complained about any of his clients being overpaid. For the record, I don’t know who Landis’ other clients are. In fact, I don’t know if Landis has any other clients, but you get my drift.
I do know we hear far more about the few athletes who are underpaid by today’s standards than we ever do about the hundreds who are grossly overpaid. Yeah, we pick on someone such as Alex Rodriguez but we generally ignore the .220-hitting third basemen and 6-game winning pitchers who make multimillions.

The system of paying pro athletes is this country is crazy. It’s upside down from any other industry in the history of the world. Unproven rookies often make millions more than all-star veterans. Occasionally a Trout-style story comes up and there’s outrage.

I’m sorry for Trout, but the athletes and agents can’t have it both ways.


Much has been written and said about Dennis (The Worm) Rodman’s glowing comments about North Korea and its leader after his recent visit to that country. My thought: Why would anyone pay any attention, much less care, about anything the Worm says?

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