Storming the Court and Lebron's Pregame Dunks

Mar 06, 2013 -- 11:39am


First . . . uh, pardon me a sec while I get my old fogy face on. Yeah, yeah, I know this shouldn’t take long.

I wanna talk about this storming-the-court issue. I’m against it. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

For the record, I agree with Coach K – which as a Tar Heel isn’t something I do all that often. Somebody could get hurt and that’d bring on the lawsuits.

The reason I’m against it though is because it’s so phony. No one enjoys seeing athletes, coaches and fans excited and celebrating more than I do as long as it’s genuine and spontaneous. It’s the staged, the planned, the rehearsed celebrations that make me ill.

Athletes now practice celebrations in front of mirrors. Storm-the-court games are now scheduled.

Stop ‘em. Penalize the athletes. Fine the schools. Don’t tell me you can’t tell the difference between real excitement and phony stuff.

By the way, I didn’t have to put on an old fogy face. I wear one permanently.

Second, the biggest problem with the LeBron James dunking controversy is that it’s even a story to start with.

LeBron likes to put on a dunking exhibition before the Heat’s home games. It’s called entertainment. Heat fans are notorious for showing up late for games. LeBron’s dunking show is getting more to get to the arena early. I’ll bet that’s increased concession sales.

His antics have prompted some critics to rip LeBron because he doesn’t compete in the NBA’s annual slam dunk contest. Their logic, I guess, is that if LeBron is going to put on a dunking show he should do it in an official capacity.

My logic is: What’s one got to do with the other? As far as I’m concerned, the NBA slam dunk contest wore out its welcome years ago, but I will admit the recent rosters of no-name players who compete has introduced me to players I didn’t know. I can see some merit in that.

I think LeBron is catching flak about this is because some people can’t get enough of bashing the guy.

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