2013 Jaguars: Fierce, Ferocious and Fascinating

Feb 06, 2013 -- 9:24am


By: Rob Johnson (@RJ1452)

Fierce.  Ferocious.  Fascinating.  These words describe your new Jacksonville Jaguars.

Yesterday's press conference to reveal the new logos and lettering for the Jags also described additional, fantastic changes on the horizon.  I was extremely pleased with what I heard and saw.  The presentation and the presenters provided a lot of what I have been wanting from the franchise.

New style.  New attitude.  New ideas.  These are being implemented, and fans should be very excited about 2013 and beyond.

I can not commend the franchise enough for the new logos.  In an era when atrocious designs are being implemented by first-tier sports teams and leagues, the Jaguars scored a touchdown, a 100-yard kickoff return touchdown to be exact.

The new Jaguar head has just the right mix of the real predator and modern flair.  Plus, keeping and accenting the teal tongue along with adding teal eyes and a teal nose is superb.

The new lettering also hit the bullseye.  The updated font clearly takes us from 1995 into 2013.

The transition from the old to the new continued with a secondary logo that pays homage to the city's military ties.  On all aspects of branding, the new logos and lettering are excellent.

The press conference, billed as a State Of The Franchise Address, also featured President Mark Lamping, whom I believe will help tremendously with the transformation of the franchise.  Lamping discussed ticket price information, proposed stadium upgrades and a provided a London update.

While some fans will see increases in 2013 pricing, most will not pay higher prices for their seats.  Even with strategic pricing and other strategies, Jags fans will still pay significantly less than the average NFL fan.  It should be noted that the 2013 game in London helps with the overall lower cost for fans, as season ticket holders will only be paying for nine games rather than ten (2 preseason / 8 regular season).

The proposed stadium upgrades will make game days for fans significantly better, regardless of the play on the field. However, winning at home is vital, and regardless of this rebuilding season, I will not allow a lack of on-field improvement to be camouflaged by the stadium and other enhancements.  But, that's another blog.

From mobile phone service to internet access to new social areas to on-field seating, the Jaguars are boldly proposing upgrades that will make Everbank Field a premier facility.  The boldest potential improvement is the largest video board in the NFL.  This multiple-screen video board desired by the franchise will make EverBank Field unique for a great reason rather than being distinctive due to the tarps.

Again, none of this matter if the team doesn't win.  Nevertheless, the rebuilding of the franchise must occur off the field as well, and fans should be supportive of the efforts put forth by Lamping yesterday.

As for London, I wrote previously that the short-term pain of losing four straight home games to London is significant and unfortunate.  However, this could be a long-term benefit to the franchise due the higher London ticket prices and the unprecedented ability of the Jaguars to obtain their own local sponsorship deals.

The final thoughts of the day were provided by General Manager David Caldwell and Head Coach Gus Bradley.  While neither man had much to say nor should they have been expected to, they offer a new hope, and there will be time for them to provide answers and additional direction for the team.  Their presence at the State Of The Franchise Address helped reinforce the new organizational slogan, Stand United.

With the 2012 NFL season now officially over, fans should enjoy the potential of their new fierce, ferocious and fascinating Jaguars.

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