High School Wrestling Recap

Feb 04, 2013 -- 9:55am


By: Shannon Heaton
Special to 1010xl.com

Editor's Note: Shannon Heaton moved to Jacksonville in 2011 from Illinois, where he covered high school, Division I and Division III wrestling for 15 years, earning three awards in two different states. Follow him on Facebook and on Twitter at @qchawkeyeinfl.

3A District 1 Wrestling
Team scores:
1. Fleming Island 262. 2. Fletcher 190. 3. Tallahassee Chiles 137.5. 4. Gainesville Buchholz 110. 5. First Coast 52. 6. Sandalwood 44.5. 7. Mandarin 37. 8. Ed White 15.
Number of region qualifiers: Fleming Island 13, Fletcher 13, Chiles 9, Buchholz 9, Mandarin 5, First Coast 3, Sandalwood 3, Ed White 1.
106 pounds
Chase Robison (Flem) pinned Jonathan Caballero (Flet), 3:12. 3rd place: Erik Sirmans (FC) pinned Alex Barie (S), :45. Semis: Robison pinned Ethan Arciaga (C), 3:06; Caballero major dec. Sirmans, 17-5. Quarters: Robison pinned Roderick Evans (EW), :47; Arciaga pinned Tahjaye Myers (M), 1:06; Caballero major dec. Barie, 10-0; Sirmans pinned Ben Porter (B), 2:51. Consolation semis: Sirmans pinned Evans, 2:06; Barie dec. Arciaga, 5-3. Consolation quarters: Evans dec. Myers, 7-3; Barie pinned Porter, 3:39.
Xavier Sampsel (Flem) pinned Joe Levine (B), :41. 3rd place: Mitchell Lein (Flet) pinned Joshua Harris (M), 4:31. Semis: Sampsel pinned Harris, :55; Levine pinned Lein, 1:23.
Evan McCall (Flem) tech falled Jake Loizos (Flet), 5:11. 3rd place: Juwan Lee (EW) dec. Winslow Robinson (C), 8-4. Semis: McCall tech falled Robinson, 6:00; Loizos dec. Lee, 5-4. Quarters: McCall pinned Drew Sann (M), :55; Robinson pinned Tracy Davis (S), 1:01; Lee pinned Daniel McNeil (B), 3:13; Loizos rec. bye. Consolation semis: Lee pinned Sann, 4:57; Robinson pinned McNeil, 2:28. Consolation quarters: Sann pinned Davis, 4:41; McNeil rec. bye.
Charles Cuthbert (Flem) pinned Cal Rodgers (Flet), 1:14. 3rd place: Jameson Maddox (C) dec. Lorenzo Smith (B), 7-5. Semis: Cuthbert pinned Smith, 1:58; Rodgers pinned Maddox, 3:19. Quarters: Cuthbert rec. bye; Smith pinned Jordon Whitt (M), :55; Maddox pinned Alugbeck Dellawar (S), 1:50; Rodgers pinned Shannon Taylor (FC), 3:42. Consolation semis: Maddox pinned Whitt, 2:18; Smith pinned Taylor, 4:15. Consolation quarters: Whitt rec. bye; Taylor dec. Dellawar, 13-9.
Victor Espana (Flem) major dec. Conner Cheney (B), 9-0. 3rd place: Joshua Sweeten (Flet) pinned Justus Walker (M), 2:52. Semis: Espana pinned Leonard Bingham (FC), 1:33; Cheney pinned Sweeten, 2:30. Quarters: Espana rec. bye; Bingham pinned Chase Calloway (EW), 1:00; Cheney rec. bye; Sweeten dec. Walker, 5-2. Consolation semis: Sweeten pinned Calloway, :20; Walker pinned Bingham, 3:25.
David Detwiler (Flem) dec. David Temple (Flet), 11-5. 3rd place: Anthony Moore (B) pinned Gable Hoard (C), 2:08. Semis: Detwiler dec. Moore, 3-0; Temple major dec. Hoard, 12-3. Quarters: Detwiler pinned Josh Rivers (FC), 3:02; Moore rec. bye; Hoard pinned Cameron McIntosh (S), 1:48; Temple pinned Michael Scarboro (M), 4:37. Consolation semis: Hoard pinned Rivers, :45; Moore dec. Scarboro, 4-1. Consolation quarters: Rivers rec. bye; Scarboro pinned McIntosh, 4:53.
John Martorano (Flem) pinned Jordan Suttles (Flet), 4:55. 3rd place: Hunter Hollis (C) pinned Peter Emery (B), 2:01. Semis: Martorano major dec. Hollis, 16-4; Suttles major dec. Faisel Ahmadi (S), 19-5. Quarters: Martorano pinned Da'von Wright (FC), :33; Hollis pinned Emery, 2:55; Ahmadi pinned John Perrone (M), 1:00; Suttles pinned Garrett Brown (EW), 1:50. Consolation semis: Emery dec. Ahmadi, 6-4; Hollis pinned Perrone, 1:42. Consolation quarters: Emery pinned Wright, 2:05; Perrone major dec. Brown, 13-5.
Heath Whiddon (Flem) pinned Myckel Hutchinson (B), 3:56. 3rd place: Cameron Blackburn (Flet) dec. Nick Cockrell (C), 7-0. Semis: Whiddon pinned Cockrell, 1:15; Hutchinson dec. Blackburn, 8-5. Quarters: Whiddon pinned Nathan Broughton (M), 1:36; Cockrell pinned Nikeem Burns (S), 3:06; Blackburn pinned Sergio Jordan (EW), 1:24; Hutchinson dec. Dominique Hardaway (FC), 6-2. Consolation semis: Blackburn pinned Burns, :58; Cockrell dec. Hardaway, 6-4. Consolation quarters: Burns pinned Broughton, 2:54; Hardaway dec. Jordan, 11-7.
Kevin Hilton (C) dec. Ben Galloway (Flem), 8-6. 3rd place: Trey Richardson (S) dec. William Kohlhaas (Flet), 4-1. Semis: Chiles tech falled Zaki Majboor (B), 5:26; Galloway dec. Richardson, 6-3. Quarters: Hilton pinned Kent Williams (M), 1:16; Majboor rec. bye; Richardson tech falled Marcal Bell (FC), 3:33; Galloway dec. Kohlhaas, 7-4. Consolation semis: Richardson pinned Williams, :40; Kohlhaas dec. Majboor, 4-1. Consolation quarters: Williams rec. bye; Kohlhaas pinned Bell, 3:07.
Nick Baliya (Flem) major dec. Dameco Manning (S), 14-2. 3rd place: Ezekiel Bello (C) major dec. Douglas James (M), 18-5. Semis: Baliya pinned Harry Cruz (FC), :43; Manning pinned Bello, 5:34. Quarters: Baliya rec. bye; Cruz dec. Skylor Coxon (Flet), 10-5; Bello pinned James, 3:55; Manning rec. bye. Consolation semis: Bello major dec. Coxon, 11-3; James dec. Cruz, 7-6.
Richard St. John (Flet) pinned Fred Saliba (C), :46. 3rd place: Cameron Lakoskey (Flem) dec. Samuel Hernandez (M), 3-1. Semis: Saliba dec. Lakoskey, 2-1; St. John pinned Glaston McKenzie (FC), :24. Quarters: Lakoskey dec. Hernandez, 4-3; Saliba rec. bye; St. John rec. bye; McKenzie pinned Avery Wilds (EW), 3:49. Consolation semis: Hernandez dec. McKenzie, 4-3; Lakoskey pinned Wilds, 2:32.
Championship: Austin Smenda (Flem) dec. Malcolm Johnson (Flet), 8-2. 3rd place: Jahlan Walker (FC) pinned Vincent Sunter (B), :50. Semis: Johnson dec. Walker, 8-4; Smenda pinned Sunter, 5:58. Quarters: Johnson rec. bye; Walker pinned Tanner Hagerty (M), 3:08; Sunter pinned Jason Murray (EW), 1:57; Smenda rec. bye. Consolation semis: Sunter pinned Hagerty, 2:21; Walker dec. Murray, 4-2.
Cleve Richardson (C) major dec. Matthew Farinella (Flet), 9-0. 3rd place: Scott Dollison (FC) pinned Nick Davis (B), 4:37. Semis: Richardson pinned Dollison, 1:12; Farinella pinned Davis, 2:37. Quarters: Richardson pinned Gary Anderson (S), 1:49; Dollison rec. bye; Farinella pinned Jordan Whitty (EW), 5:33; Davis rec. bye. Consolation semis: Davis pinned Anderson, :34; Dollison dec. Whitty, 8-2.
Deontrae Neal (B) dec. Carter Hudgins (Flem), 4-2. 3rd place: Codie Miller (M) dec. Ryan Eldeb (Flet), 3-0. Semis: Neal pinned Eldeb, 1:30; Hudgins pinned Miller, 3:57. Quarters: Neal rec. bye; Eldeb pinned Theo President (C), 1:09; Miller rec. bye; Hudgins pinned Kelton Johnson (EW), 3:00. Consolation semis: Miller dec. President, 2-0; Eldeb dec. Johnson, 7-6.

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