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Predictions for Super Bowl 47

Feb 01, 2013 -- 10:45am


150 – The number of times CBS announcers and analysts will call Ray Lewis a great player, a wonderful man and how fitting it is his career ends in the Super Bowl.

0 – Times network TV announcers and analysts will mention Lewis’ involvement in a double murder and his six children and four babymamas.

3 – Times Lewis will be seen shedding tears on camera.

0 – Times Lewis will cry when he’s not on camera.

I agree. That’s more than enough about Ray Lewis. Other numbers to look for on include:

12 – Times Jack and Jackie Harbaugh will be shown during the CBS game telecast.

6 – Times during the game the announcers will debate whether or not the Ravens’ Joe Flacco is an elite quarterback.

8 – Times during the game announcers will call the 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick the quarterback of the future “if he develops more of a pocket presence.”

125 – Kaepernick’s rushing yards.

3 – Flacco interceptions.

12 – Times 49ers fans will pray their placekicker, David Akers, IS NOT called on to attempt a field goal.

12 - Times Ravens fans will pray Akers IS called on to attempt a field goal.

2 – Dropped passes of the 49ers’ Randy “I Am the Greatest” Moss.

1 – “Hello, friiiends” greeting by CBS’ play-by-play announcer Jim Nance.

1 – Debate about which is tastier, San Fran’s dungeness crabs or Baltimore’s blue crabs.

35 – Points scored by the 49ers.

24 – Points scored by the Ravens.

32,612,293 – Fans suffering from Monday morning hangovers.

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