Georgia Legislature Hating on Gators

Jan 30, 2013 -- 10:30am

By: T. Miller (@jortstorture)

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The Georgia Bulldogs defeated the Florida Gators for the second time in a row this past fall. As excruciating as that was for me to type, here’s a bit of good news for my psyche and for this blog’s content: The Gators are still firmly in the heads of Georgians everywhere.

Yes, despite Georgia’s historic back-to-back wins over the Gators in Jacksonville, the Georgia State Legislature took time out of their busy schedule to honor Charlie Strong and the University of Louisville.

The Georgia State Senate passed a resolution last week congratulating the team which “through perseverance and iron determination” dispatched the vaunted University of Florida Gators in the Jan. 2 Bowl game.

Why would anyone in Georgia care? Especially since the legislature there still hasn’t congratulated the University of Georgia Bulldogs for its win in the 2013 Capital One Bowl over the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Could it be that it gave the Georgians a chance to rub a loss in the face of the hated Gators from the south?

That wasn’t the primary reason — but it probably didn’t hurt when bill sponsor Sen. John Albers was trying to line up votes.

“I got a lot of thumbs up,” Albers said in an interview. “Down here in Georgia, we go by the ABF mentality. Anybody but Florida.”

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