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Profile for the Next Jaguars Head Coach

Jan 11, 2013 -- 10:07am


I want the next Jaguars head coach to be . . .

Someone who understands NFL football is a passing game – and that means throwing the ball AND stopping others from throwing it  . . .

Someone who understands today’s athlete and respects how athletes have changed over the years but doesn’t coddle to his players . . .

Someone who can lead and motivate without being a tyrant or a clown . . .

Someone who is a decent, hard-working man and appreciates his good fortune to be a NFL head coach. .  .

Someone who relates to the fans and at least understands the NFL is part of the entertainment world . . .

I don’t want the next Jaguars head coach to be . . .

Someone who considers himself a “boy genius” . . .

Someone such as Chan Gailey and Norv Turner who has had more than one swing at being a head coach and whiffed  . . .

Someone such as Bill Cowher who has had great success and, after stepping away from the game for a few years, thinks it would be “fun” to be a coach one more time . . .

Someone like Jon Gruden, who is even more overrated as a broadcaster than he was as a coach . . .

Someone who is a hotshot college coach. In other words, I don’t want Brian Kelly, Chip Kelly or Gene Kelly, for that matter. Or Nick Saban . . .

Someone who gets the job because he’s a former college roommate or beer-drinking buddy.

There literally are dozens of candidates, men who are capable of successfully leading an NFL team.

Is he a former head coach such as Lovie Smith, Ken Whisenhunt, Mike Singletary, Pat Shurmur and Mike Nolan?

Is he a veteran coordinator such as Dirk Koetter, Rod Chudzinski, Bruce Arians and Perry Fewell?

Is he someone off the radar who has quietly done his job, learned from his mentors and simply possesses NFL head coaching DNA?

Who is the guy? I don’t know but he’s out there.  And it’s General Manager David Caldwell’s job to find him. It likely will be the biggest decision he ever makes as an NFL general manager. 

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