Off-Season Checklist for Jaguars

Jan 10, 2013 -- 11:02am


By: Christopher Austin

Why is it every off season seems to be the most exciting time of the year for this team.  Months of hope and anxiety fill the streets and local drinking establishments waiting for the new season (34 weeks away right?).

Numerous office discussions about different scenarios as every Jags fan know they have the answer to turn this team into a 16-0 team and a perennial playoff contender.  I don’t have the answer….yet, but here are MY ten things to help this team (insert citation for John Oehser here):


1.       Hire a General Manager --- CHECK

2.       Figure out what coach you want ----- I am surprised there have been no leaks about what is to come prior to tomorrow’s press conference, but this better be made known sooner than later.  Coach’s need to know how committed to be over the next couple of weeks to the draft and the scouts need to know who they are looking for based on coach’s evaluations and needs

3.       Figure out your coach – did I mention this already.  My fault.  I wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page. 

4.       Make a decision on QB before the draft – expectation is our high draft picks will be used on other obvious needs (except Mascot, of course) – do we steal a QB away from another team (start Roman w/ Alex Smith or…..that guy who did not play much for the Jets) or is the Head Coach going to use what we have and hope something better comes next year?  {Look up Ryan Nassib, though}

5.       Make a decision on RB before the draft – MJD is out until the beginning of the season worst case (kind of like last year, huh?), make up your mind if we find the new work horse this year or work with what we got – but decide sooner than later

6.       Get new jumbotrons/scoreboards – selfish and I heard it is happening and I am pretty excited

7.       Continue NOT to do Oklahoma drill on first day (see Tyson Alualu for this comment)

8.       Keep the players that can make a difference and don’t re-sign players because of local ties and they have been good for the organization – This is a business not a fraternity

9.       Do not sign free agents for business decisions only – sign them because they will help us win and help us win now. (insert whatever player you think I am talking about that currently is on the Jets roster)

10.    (I can count) – Stay positive – we know we are in a rebuilding period that has lasted 5-6 years – but don’t come out and say it.  Don’t build for the future….build for the now!

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