A Great Week for FSU and ACC

Jan 04, 2013 -- 10:09am


By: Nick O'Bryan

If you were someone who didn’t watch the Orange Bowl, and decided to learn about the game from articles written on the many blog sites or ESPN, you would have been very confused.  Some articles said the game was never a contest and that the game was basically a walkthrough for Florida State.  Others speak of inconsistencies and that Florida State “struggled” to get the win.  Well, if you call the 31-10 game a struggle then you clearly weren’t watching the same game I was.  I could call on the fact that Jordan Lynch went 15-41 in the pass game, or his 23 runs for a grand total of 44 yards.  There was never a doubt so I (much like ESPN) don’t feel that aspect of the game merits discussion.

E.J. Manuel had a very impressive game, which was not surprising as he had plenty of time to stay cozy in the pocket and complete passes at will.  The one thing I think may be an inflated stat was the announced attendance of the game at 72,000.  There were a lot of people there, but 72,000 seemed a bit generous.  It was a great atmosphere and, I honestly had forgotten how “big” a BCS bowl is.  From the seemingly constant fireworks, to the big performances at halftime, it is a great atmosphere.  It is truly where FSU belongs.

I would like to talk about the ACC in these bowl games.  If you would have told me that Georgia Tech was going to beat USC, Virginia Tech would win, Clemson would beat LSU, and FSU would dominate in the Orange Bowl I wouldn’t have been convinced.  On top of that, future ACC schools Syracuse and Louisville both pulled huge upsets on West Virginia and Florida.  The funny thing is, ESPN is acting like it isn’t happening.  In fact, one on the top headlines on ESPN.com yesterday was, “SEC Domination in Bowls.”   It’s almost like they decided they had already written the article, so why not just put it up.  If you are wondering why ESPN is in love with the SEC even more than usual, let me fill you in.  ESPN is in a bidding war with NBC and Comcast for the SEC Network, meaning that there is a chance that ESPN may no longer hold the reigns of the SEC Network.  This has taken SEC coverage on National ESPN broadcasting and ESPN.com from annoying, to the point of outright ass kissing. 

We are coming up on a sad time of year when football ends, and I have to figure out what is going on in the NBA to try to get excited about that, and get to watch FSU basketball struggle in this rebuilding year.  It has not been what Nole fans wanted, but I will take a BCS bowl win any day.  It may not have been as great if UF would have come back to win against Louisville.  A Gator loss is just as good as another Florida State win in my opinion. 

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