Jaguar Fans Receiving a Gift this Sunday

Dec 19, 2012 -- 9:42am


By: Rob Johnson@RJ1452

The final home game of 2012 is finally upon us.  The season has been frustrating, disappointing and maddening for everyone.  As the worst season in the history of the Jaguars slowly and painfully comes to a close, we still have no communication from the owner, or anyone else in the organization, as to why fans should be optimistic about the future, let alone attend Sunday's final home game.

The "Questionable" designation placed on Maurice Jones-Drew was likely done to entice fans to show up on Sunday.  Perhaps, it was done to create something for the media and fans to discuss other than the catastrophe that is the Jags.  Either way, it is ridiculous.  Even if MJD is 100% healthy, there is no reason to play him.

The same goes for Daryl Smith.  There is no need to trot him onto the field for the two remaining games.  Nothing can be gained by the Jaguars and too much could be lost for Smith.

Sunday is billed as Fan Appreciation Day, but it is the NFL, not the Jags, that is delivering a gift to fans.  Two days before Santa arrives, the New England Patriots are coming to town.  There are many things for fans and casual observers of the Jaguars to do besides spend their afternoon at EverBank Field.  However, something special will happen for perhaps the final time.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will be gracing the turf.  If anyone sees these two as Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine and can't stand the thought of their dominance, I understand.  My personal experience with whom many believe to be leaders of the Evil Empire goes all the way back to 1991, when Belichick was hired as the head coach of my Cleveland Browns.  I suffered through Belichick's early years of losing and the dismissal of my childhood football hero, Bernie Kosar.

I was too young to understand that almost every move Belichick made, including cutting Kosar, was a step toward building a team that would eventually win a Super Bowl in Baltimore.  By the time I grasped what had happened in Cleveland, there were no more Browns.  I was in St. Louis working for the Rams and on another collision course with Belichick.

The victory in Super Bowl XXXVI by Belichick and Brady will be forever etched in my memory, along with the Browns... err... Ravens win in Super Bowl XXXV.  Despite the alleged video tape cheating, Belichick masterminded and Brady executed the first of many tremendous game plans that have led to Hall Of Fame highlight reels and memorable wins, including three Super Bowl triumphs.

If not for two spectacular plays against them, Belichick and Brady would have five Super Bowl rings.  Because of that as well as what I've seen in games during the last decade, I have nothing but respect and admiration for this dynamic duo.  Even in defeat, Belichick and Brady can be amazing.

Last Sunday's near come-from-behind victory included a fourth quarter that should be watched by everyone.  Even the failed fourth down conversion attempt from his own 12 yard line was a Belichick strategy lesson - And, It's not that you don't go for it in that situation.

Jaguars fans should not miss the opportunity to see the master tacticians at work this week.  After all, the Jags can't show their appreciation to fans at a level that is truly deserving, so fans might as well allow themselves to witness football at its finest.

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