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Jaguar Prospect Profile: Utah DT Star Lotulelei

Dec 18, 2012 -- 1:51pm


By:James Johnson (@J_1010xl)


Last week I unveiled the second mock for the Jags heading into 2013. I also said that that the Jags clearly have holes all over the roster and could easily go in multiple directions with each of their picks. With that said, I decided to do a couple of scouting reports (though I'm no Todd McShay) of prospects the Jaguars could certainly use as they are at the top of the draft order.


Today's prospect is....


Star Lotulelei (Utah University)

Position: DT/NT

Measurable: 6-3, 320


Star Lotulelei is without question a top 5 pick in the 2013 Draft. He's a massive force in the middle and, as I mentioned earlier in my mock, the Jags could use some force up the middle. Gene Smith has failed to find a effective force in the middle in his four years as GM here. Both Terrance Knighton and Tyson Alualu have been gashed constantly up the middle this year as Knighton, who showed promise up until this year, has somehow regressed, and Alualu seems to be no longer effective after having microfracture surgery on his knee. It's a possibility that Knighton may not resign here next year and that Alualu will never return to the explosive player he once was before surgery, so Lotulelei who appears to be one of the better DT/NT prospects to come out in recent draft history, makes a ton of sense for the Jaguars' rebuilding next year. Though I went with Jones in my latest mock draft, Lotulelei would also be a welcome addition to this team--one that they could also build their defense around. He'd also make a lot of sense for the simple fact that regardless of the team's defensive scheme, he'd fit right in and make a solid NT in the 3-4 or a solid DT due to his quickness in the 4-3. Lotulelei is a force that often has to be double teamed, and when he isn't, chances are he's going to blow the play up as he's done often in his college career at Utah. He could use some help in the pass rush department as he doesn't really use many moves other than the bull rush and swim move (both of which are lethal). Though he's not as lean or quick, he reminds me of a more massive version of Ndamukong Suh in terms of effectiveness. He's one of those prospects the Jags should really consider as athletes like Lotulelei come around once every five to eight years.

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