Apathy is the Jaguar's Newest Opponent

Dec 17, 2012 -- 11:28am


Disappointment turned to sadness. Sadness turned to anger. Anger turned to laugher. Finally, laugher is on the verge of turning into I don’t give a . . . well, I don’t give a hoot, which is another way of saying apathy.

Of course I’m talking about the hapless Jaguars, who have reached new lows in franchise history – none lower than their 2-12 record.

That was a bad NFL team that lost in Miami 24-3 Sunday.

That’s certainly not breaking news, but even the most cynical among us kept expecting to see a glimmer of hope; a sign that makes tomorrow look a little brighter.

To the contrary, the bad keeps getting worse, but, unfortunately for Jaguars fans, the worst probably is still to come.

The big question now is: are there many people who still care? Everyone I know wants this season to be over and few of them seem to care about next season – unless you’re talking about the Gators and Seminoles.

It will take more than a few victories to get fans excited again. It will take making the playoffs. As inept as the Jaguars have been in recent seasons the team will need more than just the promise of high draft picks and free agent signees or the potential of current players. Truth is the Jaguars’ roster isn’t loaded with potential.

Understand this isn’t simply a Jaguars problem. Creating an ongoing buzz is difficult for most franchises in Sun Belt cities. From Miami to San Diego, these cities are loaded with people who moved from northern cities, many of whom have strong ties to such teams as the Steelers, Bears, Giants, etc. They may adopt the teams in their new cities but they don’t fall in love with them unless those teams regularly contend for championships.

Selling tickets is a problem for a majority of the franchises. (For the record, did you notice the thousands of empty seats in Miami for the Jaguars game?) In fact, ticket sales are down in most sports because of costs and incredible technology of modern television. For most events, the best seat in the house is in front of your TV set.

What all of this means for the Jaguars is a thorough house cleaning will simply be a start. The days are creating a buzz based on promise – “All in!” with new owner Shad Khan – are over. The Jaguars won’t like it but their new slogan should be “Let’s wait and see”.

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