Entering a Dark Post-Football Period

Dec 07, 2012 -- 11:16am


By: Alex Turko (@aturko_23)

Basketball season has begun, but it has yet to get the notoriety that it will take on come January.  After January the pressure to make it to the “big dance” will be felt by many basketball programs across the country.  But for now football still holds all of my attention, as I feel like there is no choice. 

        I am backed into this corner of football obsession because the basketball team that Florida State puts on the court every week is an embarrassment.  I had the displeasure to go watch the Noles get slaughtered at the hands of the Florida Gators this Wednesday.   Granted I did not expect to win whatsoever, but I did hope that FSU could at least keep it within ten points and maintain the interest of an impressive crowd.    

            It is hard to get excited for basketball season when your beloved team is only capable of dropping 15 points in a half.  There was never a period where the game felt close, except for the opening tip off, and even then FSU seemed outmatched.  Watching the offense was extremely painful, and there were times where it felt as though the Seminoles were a JV basketball team.  The Seminoles panicked as the Gators brought the half-court press and the team showed no rhythm, and at times the players were willingly handing the ball to the wrong team.  People in the stands began to take bets on whether or not the Noles would even surpass 30 points in the entire game.   

            The sad thing that I am willing to admit is that I think the Gators are a great basketball team this year, and this is why I attended the game with other intentions.  The inspiration for me to go to the game was to help in the chants for Andrew Wiggins, who was in attendance for his official visit.  Wiggins, an FSU legacy, is the number 1 basketball recruit in the country and is regarded by many scouts as the best high school prospect since Lebron James.  The fans knew very well of Wiggins’ high billing, and there was no stopping the “we want Wiggins” chants from echoing through the Civic Center.  He is such a dynamic player that he alone could change the entire program if he were to choose the Noles.

            Wednesday proved to be the start of my depression.  With football season dwindling to an end I will be left with no choice but to start watching Florida State basketball.  Hopefully the Noles can turn it around come ACC play, but with the lack of big men and experience I am skeptical about the rest of the season.  This is going to leave me wondering after the Super Bowl, what am I going to do without football.

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