Doing Our Part

Dec 03, 2012 -- 3:56pm

By: Christopher Austin

I know, as do all of you, it is a frustrating time to be a Jaguar fan and I am not here to speak about that.  I am here to show I am, and always will be, a fan.  I was excited last Friday knowing that it was the 19th birthday of the Jaguars as a team.  19 years has gone by since we were AWARDED the team. 

It is our team.  The NFL gave it to us. 

As a fan base, we have a responsibility.  Go to the game.  For an NFL game, our capacity is listed as 67,246 and we average, so far this year, as having 63,300 in average attendance per home game.

I care what people say about our attendance (which we are up 4 slots from 2011 as of right now being ranked 21st and having a worse record) – when is the last time we had a blackout they keep talking about? 2009, thanks!  (6 other teams have been more recent than that).  I care about this because this is the only item the fans are responsible for – SHOWING UP!

We have the ability, as a fan base, to do our part to keep this team in Jacksonville.  Just to let you know, we have been doing our part. 

We were having a good discussion at work today and I thought it kind of fun to bring up and get some opinions about.  I wish this blog had comments on it because it would be interesting to see the results and feedback from a lot of Jags fans.

Here is the question:

With the understanding that there is quite a bit of change coming next year, which players would be important to keep?  Another way to ask ….in an opponent’s game-plan, who are the most feared Jags?

In our discussion, there was really only one name that came up – Eugene Monroe (that is a hit for Gene Smith, right?)  He has been playing very well this year and will get a contract at the end of this year to reflect that.  After that, who do we have?  It is pretty tough to look at our roster and feel good about it as a fan base, yet we still show up to the games. 

Good job Jags fans.  The new owner sees what is going on and is going to make a couple of changes next year.  Maybe it is our time for a reward for being such good fans.  New Ownership – new management – new team – new vision – new record!!!!????

I will be there on Sunday, sporting my black #14 jersey and yelling for OUR team.  I will see you there….all 63,299 of you!



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