No Surprise in Jimbo Fisher Trashing BCS

Nov 13, 2012 -- 2:18pm


By: Nick O'Bryan

E.J. Manuel had a final drive that should go on the highlight reel for his career.  When you look to big time quarterbacks, it is always what a player can do with limited time and a deficit to make up.  E.J. came through, and that says a lot about his maturity as a quarterback.  FSU got the win in Blacksburg on Thursday night and that is all the counts.  I say that it is all that counts because apparently the computers don’t care how you win.  UF BARELY beat UL Lafayette at home and stayed at no. 6 in the country.  I guess computers haven’t come as far as we all thought.  Most people think the BCS is garbage, and look to the AP for logic.  This was one of the many topics in the Monday press conference.  For some reason though, the one thing that ESPN decided to push was Fisher’s displeasure with the BCS.

            If there was one reason specifically that Coach Fisher kept stating for his displeasure it would be the lack of the “human element.”  I can understand that, but in my humble opinion, the problem with the BCS is that ONE conference holds more teams than any other in the top ten.  I’m not saying that the SEC doesn’t have great teams, but the problem is that if you are a team in the SEC and you lose it’s no big deal because your opponent is ranked.  However, if you win then you have beaten a ranked team and will jump in rank.  What has happened this year has proven that the bias is absolute.  You would think that losing games would weaken a conference, but with the SEC EVERY SINGLE TEAM HAS A LOSS.  This would make you think that it would be good for the other conferences, but instead the BCS now has SIX teams in the top ten from the SEC. 

            The argument SEC homers will tell you is the reason everyone has losses is because the competition is so good in the SEC.  By that logic, the ACC must be amazing, because everyone has lost to each other.  Clearly, unless you are in the SEC, you can’t have it both ways. 

            The other topic of note from the press conference with Coach Fisher on Monday was his feeling that the coach’s poll was a better indicator of rank than the AP poll.  I’m going to have to disagree with Jimbo Fisher on this one.  It doesn’t make sense to say that coaches are going to have a better read on teams because of their understanding of how hard it is to win and involvement with the game.  When the topic of coach bias was brought up, Jimbo Fisher was quick to state that that would not happen because it is about the kid’s (then why don’t they have a poll) and that a coach should have enough integrity to give a non-biased ranking.  The one glaring example of the LACK of integrity comes from Fisher’s former boss, Nick Saban.  Remember last year when on the cusp of the National Championship game, Saban voted Stanford ahead of OSU who lost out on a shot at the big dance by, “the slimmest margin ever?”  Saban was wily enough to push them to FOURTH even though OSU was regarded as the clear no. 3, if not no. 2 team in the country.  Now to be honest, his vote only counted for 0.05% in the end, but that isn’t the point.

            Regardless of what you think, there is no one who is involved with any program (especially coaches) that can be expected to be unbiased.  I wouldn’t expect them to take fault for it, but it is absolutely a fact.  If there is one thing that everyone agrees on, it is that no one is happy with the current system.  I have gone over what my thoughts are about FSU’s woes, but it is not like this is the first time this has happened to a team. 

            In other news, FSU is gearing up to play Maryland on Saturday and if there was a game that the Noles should win by 40, it is this one.  Maryland still has a good defense, but I would expect FSU’s defense to outscore Maryland’s offence.  I am not trying to disrespect the Terrapins’, but no team in college football can be expected to perform having lost 4 quarterbacks to injury in a year.  I would take FSU in a heartbeat.   

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