Nov 09, 2012 -- 10:48am


By: Blabbermouth Lamm

If picking college football games against the point spread was easy, then anyone could do it. But it's tough and that's why only a select few -- such as yours truly, Blabbermouth Lamm -- can do it well. I stopped my mini-slump last week. Well, kinda. I was 5-4. The year's total is a most impressive 43-30.

  Thank you for your applause.

  This week's games:


Northwestern +10 at Michigan


Temple +10.5 vs. Cincinnatti

SMU -14.5 vs. Southern Mississippi

Tennessee -3 vs. Missouri

Louisiana-Lafayette +26.5 at Florida 

Nebraska -9 vs. Penn State

TCU +7 vs. Kansas State

Virginia -1 vs. Miami

Air Force +8  at San Diego State

Oklahoma State -9.5 vs. West Virginia

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