No Positives After Another Jaguars Home Disaster

Nov 09, 2012 -- 10:38am


By: Rob Johnson @RJ1452


Let's review the positive things from Thursday night's 27-10 nationally televised disaster:

1.           Fans don't have to watch the Jaguars play on Sunday.

2.          The helmets look almost as awesome under the lights as they do in the bright sunshine.

3.          Mike Mularkey allowed himself to show some on-field emotion.

4.          Laurent Robinson had a career-high 9 catches.

5.           Cecil Shorts III continued to prove has the ability to be a superstar.  He finished the night with 6 catches, 105 yards and 1 touchdown.  He should have had 7 catches, because he did hold on to the ball on the over-turned play.


Unbelievable... Actually, "Un. Be. Liev. Able!" was what I Tweeted after the late fourth quarter interception by the Colts.  Nearly everything about the 1-8 Jags should be shocking, but it's not.  Nothing else that happens the rest of the season, outside of a miracle winning streak, should surprise fans.

The Jaguars are a terrible team that needs a major overhaul.  You already know that, but I was hoping that something legitimately good would occur last night.  I wanted something... anything... to happen on the field to give fans a reason to not flee EverBank Field mid-way through the third quarter.  That was not to be.

Unfortunately, the highlight of the night was Commissioner Goodell making his way through the seats to meet fans.  I think he was able to take a picture with everyone that wanted one.  I don't recall ever seeing something like that happen at any sporting event.  The game was so worthless that Goodell decided to take the opportunity to build goodwill.

For those of you not in attendance or watching from home after halftime, Goodell wasn't the only attraction.  He had a body-guard with him that looked rather athletic.  I wondered if he could rush the passer, because the Jaguars also needed help in that area last night.

So, the Jags are now 0-5 at home and 1-8 overall for the first time in their history.  Welcome to rock bottom.  There are no answers for the rest of the season and a lot of questions for 2013.

In his post-game radio interview Mike Mularkey said, "I love the effort of our guys."  Here we go again.  If Mularkey is happy with the effort, than he's admitting that the talent is horrific.  I'm very interested to see if he changes his public opinion at today's press conference, as he did following Sunday's game.

As I wrote at the beginning, fans don't have to watch the Jaguars on Sunday.  I recommend that everyone also refrain from watching any other NFL games.  That may be impossible for fantasy football owners, but I suggest watching just the highlights on Sunday evening.  You don't want to see other teams making routine plays, such as touching a receiver when he's on the ground.  That could be maddening.

Wait for the following Sunday to return to live NFL action.  The Jags will be playing the Texans, so you will have ample opportunities to flip from that game to other games.  Enjoy this Sunday away from football.  The 1010XLcrew will bring you into the loop on Monday.

Claw Marks

  • It's not unusual for a third round pick make more of an impact for his team than a first round pick.  Unfortunately for the Jaguars, we are talking about a punter versus a wide receiver.
  • Justin Blackmon finished with 3 catches for 25 yards, and all were meaningless.
  • Mularkey's answer about Blaine Gabbert being the starting quarterback next week: "Absolutely."
  • The false start called on Gabbert in the second quarter was ridiculous.  I know that's the new rule, but I saw Aaron Rodgers get away with the same thing against the Jags and the Rams in consecutive weeks.

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