Noles Ready to Announce Major Non-Conference Scheduling Agreement?

Nov 06, 2012 -- 9:21am


By: Nick O'Bryan

Rumor has it that the Seminoles and Oklahoma State are in talks to schedule a non-conference game to be held at Cowboy Stadium in 2014.  This is still in the works, but if finalized would bolster FSU’s non-conference schedule to make them a more viable contender for the four team tournament that will start that year.  The higher ups at Florida State are not dumb, because with this game and the addition of Notre Dame a probable addition in the future for the Noles, there will be no problem enhancing its strength of schedule to combat the polls.  I will be posting more as things become official, but I love where this is going. 

            In positive ACC news for once, PITT (who is joining the ACC) almost beat Notre Dame in a great overtime game.  Overall, football this weekend was great!  You can’t beat Alabama and LSU coming down to the last minute, or the stupid high scoring no defense game that Oregon played against USC.  Oh yeah, and listening to the announcers use the term “Wild Crab” about 80 times in describing the offensive scheme of Maryland during that game.  It was a great day of football, but the whole time I was fairly certain it meant the Noles would be dropping at least one spot because of the bye week. 

Meanwhile, The Gators looked like they got high on tranquilizers before going on the field to play Mizzou.  They somehow pulled out the win, and moved UP to 6 in the BCS…..which makes sense.  I wish I could punch a computer in the face.  BUT FEAR NOT!  No matter what happens I know this!  On Saturday, the 24th of this month, The University of Florida Gators will have to take the drive into Tallahassee to play The Seminoles of Florida State.  Rank the Gators where you will, but I know that if they bring that wishy washy offense into Doak, they might as will put a big L up on their schedule because the Gators will be run out of town.

In other news, your Seminoles are yet again, big time favorites going into Blacksburg to play Virginia Tech this Thursday.  What can I say about this Virginia Tech team that needs to be said after watching that Miami game last Thursday night? It is never a given to go into Blacksburg and beat VT, but I don’t see it being a problem for the Noles AT ALL.      

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