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The Importance of Bouncing Back

Oct 12, 2012 -- 4:56pm


By: Alex Turko        

As Florida State’s coach, Jimbo Fisher, walked off the field at Carter-Finley Stadium last Saturday, the pain of the 17-16 loss to NC State began to set in.  The Seminoles came into the game number 3 in the country and were double-digit favorites.  Not only were the Seminoles deemed to win this game, but they were also picked by many to make a national title appearance. 


The question that many fans and players alike now wonder, is what now?  What becomes of this team?  Is there still hope of a national title appearance, or does this go down as another season where the lofty preseason rankings blind fans from the disappointing season they are about to endure? 


Redshirt senior quarterback E.J. Manuel said it best, “You can’t allow it (the loss to NC State) to become a snowball effect.”  I could not agree more with this statement as there are many goals this team can still accomplish.  Let's remember here, in 2008 the Florida Gators came into a matchup, with unranked Ole Miss, ranked at number 4.  After the loss to the Rebels the Gators fell down to number 12.  Does that sound familiar to the Seminoles current plummet or what?  The Noles went from 3 to 12 in the AP and the Gators went from 4 to 12.  Now no Gator fan would let me move on from this point without mentioning that they did go on to win the national championship that year.  This should be all the inspiration the Seminoles need to keep their heads up knowing that there are still a lot of opportunities for them to have success this season.


This upcoming Saturday the Seminoles play host to the Boston College Eagles (1-4).  If there was ever a game where the Noles needed a big win,it is now.  After a poorly handled press conference on Monday where coach Fisher seemed to blame his players for a “lack of execution”, this Florida State team will need to come out and dominate both sides of the ball against another weaker ACC opponent.  A win this weekend is also important for third year coach Jimbo Fisher, as that press conference Monday rubbed many Noles fans the wrong way.  Not only do I feel he’s lost some fans, I am very afraid that he will begin to lose his team if he continues to divert from taking any credibility. 


If Jimbo wants to keep the hype around Tallahassee and possibly his job, I suggest the Noles take down the Eagles Saturday, and the rest of the competition and prove to the fans the “Importance of Bouncing Back.”



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