Is This Really Happening?

Oct 12, 2012 -- 4:09pm


By Ryan "Hacker" Green


This was supposed to be the year to lay the foundation. This was supposed to be the year to see how promising the future will be. This was supposed to be the year to get the young guys much needed experience. All that has indeed happened, but something unexpected has occurred along the way, this team is good now

Who would have thought six weeks ago that the Gators would be 5-0 and ranked #4 in the country. With wins over Texas A@M, Tennessee, and LSU, Florida is certainly ahead of schedule. Most fans and media types including yours truly had the Gators at 7-5 or 8-4 at best but the Gators appear to be far exceeding those expectations

I will tell Gator fans this, temper your excitement a bit. With games against South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida State still looming it will be tough for Florida to run the table. However Florida has already proven me wrong this season, so hey what do I know.

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