Gator's Keys to Victory vs. Vanderbilt

Oct 12, 2012 -- 4:05pm

By: T. Miller


Football’s not hard, so (almost) each week we will bring you a grossly over-simplified piece called the Broken Down Volvo Keys to Victory.

It feels like it should be Auburn week, but thanks to conference expansion and a rejiggered schedule, it’s Vanderbilt that gets sandwiched slap-dab in between LSU and Georgia South Carolina. This one is what some folks might call a trap game.

How do you avoid getting trapped by a trap game? There’s a reason coaches talk like coaches: “Take it one game at a time.” Specifically? Here’s how Florida beats Vanderbilt on Saturday.

  1. Do not do too many stupid things. It’s Vanderbilt, so you can probably get away with a handful of silly penalties and a turnover here and there. Don’t do what Missouri is doing in that picture, though. That’s bad. Vanderbilt is not good enough to beat Florida, but Florida is…

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