Blabbermouth on a Roll! Not Picks - WINNERS!

Oct 12, 2012 -- 11:40am


I hate to brag. That's not true. In fact I love bragging, and I've got a lot of brag about. I kicked butt again last week, going 7-3 with my picks against the point spread. If you follow my college predictions you've eanred a warehouse full of matchsticks. I'm 23-14 for the year. Ol' Blabbermouth is not only the better looking than his twin brothers, but I'm the smartest. Sorry, bro -- I mean Guru -- but I'm doing as well as you are bad.

This week's picks (for entertainment purposes only, you understand:

Iowa State +6.5 vs. Kansas State

Ole Miss -5 vs. Auburn

North Carolina  - 7.5 at Miami

Maryland +1 at Virginia

Stanford +7.5 at Notre Dame

San Diego State  - 21 vs. Colorado State

South Carolina +3 at LSU

Mississippi State  -2.5 vs. Tennessee

Texas A&M -7  at Louisiana Tech

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