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Khan Must Prove He Is “All In”

Oct 10, 2012 -- 4:17pm


By: Rob Johnson@RJ1452                         


The Jaguars may not have the worst record in the NFL, but they might be the league’s worst team.  After Sunday’s 41-3 debacle, the Jag’s season slogan should be changed from “All In” to “All Over.”

The Jaguars are last in total offense.  Their six touchdowns are tied for last with the Oakland Raiders, who just had their bye week, meaning they have played one less game, and happen to be the Jags’ next opponent.

Defensively, the Jaguars are ranked 30th and are giving up 424 yards per game.  They have 3 sacks (also tied with the Raiders), 3 interceptions and 3 forced fumbles (two of which they recovered).

These statistics may not shock you, because you have seen the ineptitude on the field.  The surprise is that few in Jacksonville expected the Jags to be this bad, especially on defense.

Things were going to be different in 2012.  The defense was going to ranked in the top ten.  Maurice Jones-Drew was going to lead the NFL in rushing.  Blaine Gabbert was going to evolve into a quality starting quarterback.  Justin Blackmon was going to be a playmaker.

Unfortunately, none of that has happened, and it’s unlikely that those things will occur this year.  The 2012 season is hopeless, and there are a lot more questions than answers.  At the top of the list is: How drastic of an overhaul will Shahid Khan undertake?

Jaguars’ fans deserve a winning team as soon as possible.  However, a quick turn-around appears nearly impossible at this point.  That is a major statement considering how often bottom-dwelling teams become contenders in today's NFL.

The Jags don’t have the personnel to approach the .500 mark this season.  For that to occur in 2013, Mr. Khan will have to make some tough decisions related to the overhaul.  Actually, the decisions aren’t that difficult, and one, replacing General Manager Gene Smith, is extremely easy.

But, is a new person in charge of choosing draft picks and convincing good free agents to sign with the Jaguars enough to improve the team’s performance?  Also, would a legitimate general manager be willing to work for the Jags with the knowledge that the current head coach will remain in place for the 2013 season?

Mike Mularkey is a good man and a good offensive coordinator, but is he the right person to be head coach of the Jaguars?  Will his philosophy and personality fit with a new general manager?  The answer to both of these questions may very well be "Yes."  That is what Mr. Khan will have to determine.

Speaking of Mr. Khan, he has been out front and very public about nearly every topic, since he became the owner.  I have praised him multiple times for the way he has handled the public relations side of the Jaguars.  Now, It's time for Mr. Khan to continue his public profile and consistently speak to the media and fans as the season progresses in order to prove he is committed to winning football in Jacksonville.

I don't want him to become Jerry Jones.  However, he does need to reassure us that losing will not be tolerated beyond this season nor will he "stay the course," as he told Vino Stellino of The Florida Times-Union, much longer.

Staying the course means losing, empty seats and worst of all, fan apathy.  The Jaguars are at a crucial point in their brief history, and Mr. Khan must resurrect the franchise before it becomes even less significant.

There are eleven games remaining for players and coaches to prove that they belong in the NFL.  Mr. Khan has that same amount of time to prove that he is indeed "All In."



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