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NFL Hypocrites and MLB Whiners

Oct 10, 2012 -- 9:52am


Sure I find it disgusting that Kansas City fans cheered while their beleaguered QB Matt Cassel lay injured on the ground during the 4th quarter of Sunday’s 9-6 loss to Baltimore. Cheering any injury is disgusting, but, truthfully, I find a lot of things disgusting these days about the behavior of fans AND players.

The find the hypocrites to be the most disgusting.

While the NFL is going to great lengths to protect its players, pro football remains the most violent of all team sports and nothing about the game is more celebrated than the bone-jarring, snot-bubble hits. The NFL celebrates these hits in highlight shows. The fans go wild. The players who deliver the hits dance around and do chest bumps with their ecstatic teammates. Often the victims stay down.

Personally, I don’t know anyone who wants to see a player injured, but I know a lot of people who get worked into a frenzy, often fueled with alcohol, when the big hits are delivered.


The one-game wild card playoff format introduced in Major League Baseball this season has been soundly criticized. How is the fair to settle a marathon – the 162-game season – with what amounts to something akin to deciding an issue by playing paper-rock-scissors?

I don’t have a problem with the format – although I’ll be surprised if it isn’t changed before next season. What I like most about it is how it rewards winning your division. I’m a great believer that any playoff format should reward teams for accomplishing a series of goals. For example, I’d be for a college football playoff if it included ONLY conference champions.

I do understand MLB’s reason for having wild cards. It is good for business and MLB is a professional entertainment business. But once we get to the playoffs, teams that won their division deserve more reward than teams that didn’t.

 The Braves and Rangers were wild card losers. My advice to them is win your division next year so you have nothing to whine about.   

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