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What did I Miss?

Oct 09, 2012 -- 10:20am


By: Christopher Austin (@twinkanddspapa)

Sorry it has been a while.  I went on a space mission to Mars and have been unable to get any games up there.  Seriously, with where technology is today, you’d think NFL Network would be on the shuttle, huh?

Anyways, how is the season going Jags fans?

My hope was that we could hang with the Saints and maybe be a game back from the Packers.  If we can have the same record as those two powerhouses, we should be in good shape for the rest of the season.

Of course, wouldn’t you know it, bye week on my return (thanks NASA).  I can’t wait to rock the brand new Teal Gabbert jersey I got in the closet.  I went out and got it before I left and rocked it on the shuttle.  Someone was telling me that it would be the only way Gabbert would be on top….Must have missed preseason.

How is the Blackmon draft pick going?  I am sure Robinson and Blackmon are lighting it up.  As long as they have 2 TDs a piece we should be set.  I am sure MJD has about 4-5 TDs and he is in the top 3 in rushing yards for the year.  Marcedes probably isn’t doing anything this year and has been dropping TD passes again, huh?

Preseason got me so hyped up, I was mad that I had to go on my secret mission for the first 5 games.  I am guessing the D has about 15 sacks between Branch, Mincey, Alualu and Knighton.  That group should really bring this team back to the late 90s D.  I am hoping Branch can be Tony Brackens re-born!

And please…tell me how important this punter is.  To think Gene Smith thought we would need someone for the field position battle so bad that he grabs a punter in the 3rd round.  Some even said he would be the best player on the team this year.  SUCKERS!

Well, I am going to start watching these games, beginning with the Bears game.  I like the Black Unis and did you see this game!!??  5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter and it is 6-3 Bears.  I can’t wait to see this finish.  Maybe we can just run MJD down their throat!

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