Carmelo Anthony: Loser

Jul 07, 2014 -- 1:56pm

I don’t pretend to be an NBA expert. I’m confused by this free agent frenzy involving LeBron James and whomever else in looking for a new contract. I’m totally confused when the talk turns to the salary cap and the salary cap exceptions and all that stuff.

But I am certain of one thing as I look at the NBA from the outside:  I wouldn’t sign Carmelo Anthony if he came for free. Okay, that’s an overstatement but I’m trying to make a point.

Carmelo is a scoring machine, no doubt about that. But he can’t spell the word pass; he thinks defense if something you put around your yard; he rebounds by accident.

He is the epitome of the superstar loser. The Nuggets became better when he left. The Knicks have been horrible since he arrived.

The only thing he does better than score is turn teams into losers.

I do understand some team, probably the Knicks, will give him a $100 million contract. The fans of that team will celebrate and, yes, Carmelo might sell a few tickets and give the TV ratings a bump. But his next team will lose more than it wins and the locker room will be in chaos.

There’s talk he could wind up with the Lakers. I can’t imagine Carmelo and Kobe Bryant happily sharing the ball. If he goes to Houston Dwight Howard might not ever get the ball on the offensive end and James Harden will go back to being a second option.

Yeah, he might fit in Chicago where the Bulls need a scorer, but Derrick Rose isn’t going to stay injured forever, is he?

Maybe he’ll wind up teaming with LeBron. If anyone can keep LeBron from scoring it might be Carmelo.

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