Soccer and NBA Draft

Jun 25, 2014 -- 1:17pm

Today’s topics: Soccer fans and the NBA draft:

  • Our newfound love affair with soccer is creating three types of very irritating fans.

First, there’s the guy who claims he’s always been a fan and knows the game inside out.

He acts shocked by anyone who even suggests a 0-0 soccer match isn’t every bit as exciting as a great football game. This is the guy who looks down on you if you don’t confess your love for soccer, much like the opera snob who scoffs at your lack of culture because you don’t think the “Barber of Seville” is more entertaining than an Indiana Jones movie. He celebrates every goal by his team like its Christmas morning and treats every opponent’s goal like it’s a death in the family.

Then there’s the guy who acts embarrassed that he suddenly has an interest in soccer. He’ll tell a tie to get out of the regular poker game – “I have to have dinner with my in-laws” – so he can get home to watch Team USA play.

Finally, there’s the anti-soccer guy who drags out the old clichés when asked about the sport. “I’d rather watch paint dry” is probably this guy’s most popular comment. “It’s just a bunch of guys running around for 90 minutes” is another example.

If you love soccer, that’s great. If you like it just during the World Cup, that’s great, too. Its okay to not like soccer, but it isn’t necessary to act like there’s something wrong with those who do.

The popularity of soccer in America is growing. That’s good. Soccer isn’t for everyone and it isn’t about to replace real football as our national pastime. That’s okay, too.

  • Remember how painful it was waiting two extra weeks this year for the NFL draft? It seemed like the draft would never get here. We had been “mock drafted” to the point of exhaustion. We had debated who was the best quarterback until our throats felt raw. Jadeveon Clowney had been analyzed and re-analyzed so much practically everyone learned how to properly pronounce his name.

The draft is one example why the NFL is the king of sports in America. By comparison, the NBA is a blip on the American sports world radar. Did I mention the NBA draft is Thursday?

Who’ll be the top pick? Duke’s Jabari Parker? Kansas’ Andrew Wiggins? How high will Australian point guard Dante Exum go?

I asked a friend what he thought.

“I think Parker would make a helluva tight end,” he answered.

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