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Of Gators, Dawgs and Noles . . .

Oct 08, 2012 -- 4:40pm

If I tweeted I’d have worn out my thumbs Saturday watching college football games. I did just about wear out my butt, settling in at 3:30 in the afternoon for the Florida-LSU kickoff and then spending the evening, TV remote in hand, going back and forth between South Carolina-Georgia and N.C. State-FSU until nearly midnight.

Among the mental tweets bouncing around between my ears while watching Florida’s 14-6 victory . . .

  • The Gators may never score a touchdown against this LSU defense (during the first half).
  • Is Florida’s defense that good or is LSU that bad on offense?
  •  Holding LSU to a FG at end of 1st half gives Gators a chance. Don’t think UF could overcome 10-0 deficit.
  • Why didn’t UF give the ball more often to Mike Gillislee last year? He can really play (during second half).
  • The UF coaches have done it again, and I’m talking about making halftime adjustments. This doesn’t look like the same team.
  • LSU QB Zack Mettenberger stinks. Where are LSU’s playmakers on offense?
  • Mike Gillislee can really play!!!!!!!!!! Gators gonna have to throw it better.
  •  1 obstacle down and 3 to go for Gators – South Carolina, Georgia and FSU. Still have steep hill to climb for Willy and the boys, but impressed with season thus far.

And now on to South Carolina’s shocking 35-7 beat down of Georgia and FSU’s puzzling 17-16 loss at N.C. State . . .

  • I guess the Cocks can throw the ball.
  • The Dawgs have defensive studs but they don’t play well together.
  • Won’t have to stay up late ‘cause Noles gonna walk over Wolfpack.
  • SC defensive line looks like Bama’s. Cocks are for real.
  • Dawgs can say good bye to national championship dreams.

·         Noles need to quit kicking FGs and put this game away.  EJ Manuel looking like old EJ and that ain’t a good thing.

·         Why is FSU playing so conservative? Instead of protecting lead they need to increase it.

·         Noles can say good bye to national championship dreams.

·         Good night. 

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