A Great Sports Weekend

Jun 16, 2014 -- 10:55am

I enjoyed watching sports this weekend.

I marveled at Martin Kaymer’s dominating play in winning the U.S. Open by 8 shots. His performance ranks with the best in golf history.

I was even more amazed – and inspired – by the play of runner-up Eric Compton. The man has had TWO heart transplants and competes at the highest level of his sport. Golf certainly isn’t the most physically demanding sport but it does require physical attributes and no sport is more stressful. He’s a successful story simply waking up in the morning much less succeeding in a sport.

I loved watching the San Antonio Spurs win the NBA championship playing basketball the way I think it should be played: As a team and without crotch-grabbing and look-at-me gyrations. You want an example of team play? How about the fact in the championship-clinching victory over the Heat they had 25 assists on 37 field goals?

I was thrilled to see a good guy – and great player – finish first. I’m talking about Tim Duncan, of course, who now has five rings. Didn’t it make you feel good to see Duncan so quietly celebrate another championship?

I felt good about the Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard winning the NBA Finals MVP. He’s a humble player with star talent who’s willing to play whatever role is needed for the game at hand. Leonard is the type of player who would shine in any era.

And I thought it was great to see LeBron James show such class in defeat and Coach Gregg Popovich do the same in victory.

There are idiots who will criticize James because the Heat lost and he knows it, yet James gracefully bowed out by congratulating the champions and not throwing his teammates under the proverbial bus.

Popovich belongs on any short list of the greatest NBA coaches of all-time yet he once again stayed in the background of the celebration and deferred all of the glory to his players and owner.

A good weekend, indeed.

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