Oct 04, 2012 -- 3:51pm


by Blabbermouth Lamm  

Like the true champion I am, ol' Blabbermouth Lamm -- that's me, not my twin brother, The Guru -- bounced back with an incredible week, going 7-2 against the point spread. That makes me 16-11 for the year and that will win you a lot of matchsticks if you're the wagering kind. (To avoid any confusion, I was 3-6 in my second week, but my predictions weren't posted. Technical difficulties as they say in the TV biz.)


This week's picks (for entertainment purposes only, you understand):


Friday Night special -- Arkansas State -1 at Florida International

Michigan State -15 at Indiana

Northwestern +2.5 at Penn State

Kansas State -24 vs.Kansas

North Carolina -6 vs. Virginia Tech

Duke -1.5 vs. Virginia

South Carolina pick'em vs. Georgia

Fresno State -17.5 at Colorado State

Nebraska +3.5 at Ohio State

Arizona +9 at Stanford


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