Previewing and Predicting Week 6: Florida State Seminoles at NC State Wolfpack

Oct 04, 2012 -- 3:47pm


By: Clayton Tinkle (@CD_Tink)

After getting past a team that has given the Noles’ something to worry about in the past in USF; NC State has done just the opposite. Last year the Noles’ made NC State quarterback, Mike Glennon, look like a high school quarterback.

The Noles’ defense, which has only gotten better, sacked Glennon four times and intercepted him twice in the last meeting between these two teams. On that day in Tallahassee, Glennon passed for a career low 130 yards. If anything has changed from last year, it is change that doesn’t look promising for the Wolfpack. One downfall for the Wolfpack is that their team hasn’t improved either. Actually, it may have gotten worse. Glennon is not mobile. Whereas that was a reason USF’s B.J. Daniels being able to avoid the rush, Glennon will not have that opportunity; especially with a patchwork offensive line struggling with injuries. Ultimately, while a little better than a 34-0 rout last year is expected, not much will change on the offensive side of the ball for the Wolfpack.

On offense, FSU should have no problem moving the ball against NC State. The Noles’ are just, plain and simple, bigger, faster and stronger than NC State. While NC State’s front seven is decent, their secondary is pretty bad. E.J. Manuel looks to have a solid day, as he did last year. One red flag for the Seminoles, though, is that the Noles’ are 2-3 in their last five trips to Raleigh. This is the Noles’ first ACC game this year on the road, and of those preview five trips to Raleigh, Manuel and company lost the most recent one in 2010. Overall, though, I believe the Noles’ running game will open up the secondary and the FSU offense will have a good night in Raleigh, despite the hostile environment.

Seminoles 38 - Wolfpack 7

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