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Trout Over Cabrera...Heisman, Derrick Henry, Steve Spurrier

Oct 04, 2012 -- 12:19pm


Running off at the computer . . .

  • When talking about who should win the American League’s MVP award, ask yourself one question: Who’d I want in my lineup the most, Angels rookie Mike Trout or the Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera? I’d give the MVP to Trout, not Cabrera, who won batting’s triple crown, one of the rarest feats in baseball. When you add Trout’s defense and base-running to his batting numbers, he’s more valuable to a team than the one- dimensional Cabrera . . .
  • Sorry, West Virginia, but I can’t consider a football team as being worthy of being ranked in the top 10 nationally that gives up 63 points in a game. Mountaineers’ quarterback Geno Smith is fabulous and may prove worthy of winning the Heisman, but it is difficult to imagine West Virginia as a serious national champion after beating Baylor 70-63. Robert Griffin III did leave Baylor, right? . . .
  • How much furor about the NFL refs would we have heard if the Packers had been “robbed” again by a ref’s decision? The Saints’ Darren Sproles clearly fumbled on a kickoff return late in the fourth quarterback last Sunday against Green Bay, but he was ruled down and New Orleans retained the ball. Green Bay, however, hung on to win 28-27 because the Saints missed a potential game-winning field goal. I repeat: the replacement refs weren’t very good but not nearly as bad as the media and players portrayed them to be . . .
  • Don’t be shocked if Yulee High’s incredible running back, Derrick Henry, winds up playing linebacker at Alabama. Some recruiters don’t think he has running back “moves” or instincts . . .
  • Fred Taylor deserved to be added to the “Pride of the Jaguars” because he is one of the franchise’s three greatest players ever (joining Tony Boselli and Jimmy Smith), but he wouldn’t get my vote for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Taylor was a very, very good running back, not a great one . . .
  • First, South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier becomes a defensive-minded coach. Now one of his biggest admirers, Kerwin Bell, has become the same thing at JU. What’s next? New England Coach Bill Belichick becoming a comedien? . . .
  • What’s more of a lost art in sports, fundamentally sound tackling in football or bunting in baseball? Free throwing shooting in basketball may soon be added to the discussion . . .

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