Looking Back at Yulee vs. Glades Day and Ahead to October

Oct 04, 2012 -- 10:00am


By: Matt McCullough (@JagMatt)

Some Final Observations From the Yulee - Glades Day Game

After attending the "Game of the Century" or at least... This Year", several observations stood out:

* Yulee's Defense

* Derrick Henry's endurance for a guy that size

* The number of Jaguars players in attendance

* The variety of smells from the concession stands

* How much yardage Kelvin Taylor creates on his own

* How valuable Yulee's passing game is to complimenting Henry at RB.

* ESPN's ability to double the stadium lighting with their own equipment

* The consistency from the Yulee's kicking game (perfect on extra points)

* Jaguars' wide receiver Kevin Elliot's shoes

* The size of Will Mushamp in person (bigger and in better shape than you might think)

* Yulee Coach Robert Ramsay's willingness to talk with media beyond what is expected.


As you probably know by now, the game started out close. At halftime Glades Day was within a TD.  Eventually Yulee and Derrick Henry pulled away with 6 TDs and in the end. This game was so hyped up not because of the teams, but  because 2 of the best players in the country were going head to head. It was similar to an NBA marquee match up Player A vs. Player B - instead of Team A vs. Team B. Consequently, we were expecting a high scoring shoot-out between the 2 running backs. The problem is: Yulee's defense crashed the party. By the time the 2nd half came around, the Gators from Glades Day were shut out the rest of the way. After the game, you could tell Coach Ramsay was impressed by his defense's performance.

And as for Derrick Henry, after the crazy couple of weeks he's had he's looking forward to getting back to normal. "It will be nice to get the focus back on the team and I can go back to focusing on school and on our team making the playoffs".

Reason  #101 We Love High School Football

We have now reached the halfway point of the regular season for high school football. The season is 11 weeks long (most everyone has 10 games and 1 bye week). Five and a half weeks in... most District races are still unclear, and the playoff picture will be sorted out in the next few weeks. However, as teams start to get eliminated from Playoff contention, they will still have everything to play for; especially the Seniors.

Perhaps one of the best things about high school football is that there's not a "Championship or Bust" mentality as prevalent as there is in college football or the NFL. The teams that are good enough to expect playoff berths will set their goals accordingly and measure their disappointments and successes based on this.  But for every one of those teams, there is also another team that is just trying to have their first winning season in years, or just just trying to get a win here and there to build for the future, and they tend to be the ones that appreciate every win even more because they are harder to come by. 

It's interesting the way different teams view things. The playoff caliber teams look at a non-district win as a tune-up for the district play and almost seem to treat is a a "half-win". The other teams look at a non-district win as a WIN! and are just as excited as ever.

High School football teams come in as many shapes and sizes as their high schools and towns themselves, and quite frankly, some of them don't all have the same resources or demographics to build off of. I say all that to say this: Weeks 8,9, and 10 for all teams in high school football are just as intense as any other week. The same can't be said for NFL and college teams that are out of the post-season hunt. (I can attest as much as anyone, I'm a lifelong Jaguars fan).

It's That Time of Year Again

As we head into October, Homecoming games are beginning to take place. Typically, teams will choose their next to last or second to last home game as their Homecoming Game. The festivities around such games are often as entertaining as the games themselves, and provide an extra boost to the spirit and overall funds of athletic programs. Since some printed or online schedules don't denote which game is" Homecoming", you may want to ask around about your favorite team or alma mater, and join the fun.

By the way, here's a tip for you: When they throw those little souvenier balls in the stands, keep a wide base and try not to fall forward on anyone's head...and if there is a dispute over "simultaneous possession" ...let the kid have the ball.

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