Why Gator Fans Don't Hate LSU

Oct 04, 2012 -- 9:36am

By: T. Miller


Before we get started, you should take a look at Andy Hutchins’ jointabout how LSU-Florida isn’t really a rivalry, but it’s probably the best rivalry we’ve had in recent years. He’s right. (See? I don’t even care to call it Florida-LSU. LSU-Florida, whatever.)

Since the SEC went divisional in 1992, the Gators are 13-7 vs. the Tigers. Since the turn of the century, the two teams are all knotted up at 6-6. Florida doesn’t have any real rival that beats us that often. Georgia’s won a whole four games since 1990 and yet I hate them with the fire of a thousand burning suns. Florida State isn’t even in a real conference and we’ve been beating them pretty regularly outside of the last two years, but I feel much the same about Tallahassee as Mahmoud feels about Israel. Tennessee has barely beaten the Gators at all in the past 20+ years, and some people still think they are our biggest conference rival. We don’t even play Miami anymore, but any mention of “Tha U” makes me want to secede from this state just because they are a part of it.

So why don’t we hate LSU? Because they are the Florida of the SEC West. The similarities:

  1. Swampy, alligator-and-mosquito-infested state that really should not be habitable at all.
  2. “Johnny-come-lately” status. We’ve both had some good teams over the years but our recent runs of unprecedented success are recent. In the minds of Alabama and Georgia people, that makes them less significant.
  3. Multilingualism. Florida has a lot of Spanish speakers. Louisiana has a lot of… something.

Florida fans and LSU fans just seem to “get” each other. When a drunk guy who smells like old bay gets in my face and yells “Tiger Bait,” I do not take this personally. This is an important game and he means to make clear his allegiance while simultaneously getting drunk enough to dull the pain of a potential defeat. I’m right there with you, buddy! Friendly high-fives all around – come have another beverage.

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