As Jacksonville’s LIVE and LOCAL station, 1010XL’s passionate listeners are engaged throughout the day, absorbing the thoughts and opinions of the market’s LEADING SPORTS AUTHORITIES, sharing their own opinion through their calls, Tweets and Facebook posts and actively responding to our partners who have addressed the business need of marketing to men.


You can experience 1010XL on both 1010 AM and 92.5 FM.  Not only are our listeners (known as Googans) devoted to our weekly content, they are also a responsive consumer base that extend their commitment to our partners.  Imagine having your marketing message reach our large attentive audiences throughout Northeast Florida!


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Our client’s ads are created by experienced people who analyze customer needs to create an effective commercial. We can produce the right campaign for you using our talented personalities or even developing a personalized jingle, produced by our award winning partners, Genuine Memphis Music.



You can have confidence when you advertise with 1010XL. We have created the strongest sports media and marketing assets in Jacksonville, utilizing the best local talent, who attract an audience of actively engaged consumers that will deliver a return on investment from your advertising. Let us help you market your business.



  • Three of ten men are single, and six of ten men play an influential role in the big-ticket item buying process. They are either the sole or joint decision makers in the purchase of items like homes, cars, and major appliances.
  • Seven of ten women say that a recommendation from a spouse or partner is a deciding factor when making major purchases.
  •  Seven of ten men say they make the decision themselves, or are a key player, for purchasing clothing, small electronics, and entertainment.
  • Six of ten men say they use research (including radio commercials) in planning for their purchasing, rather than rely on impulse.

(Marketing to Men radio survey, Jacobs Media 2011)


1010XL’s audience of personal and professional decision makers generate a significant amount of time spent engaged during our LIVE AND LOCAL daily broadcasts. Your advertising message will be heard by the right type of consumer, in the right frame of mind, to create quality foot-traffic, phone calls, or web-site visits and ultimately drive sales for your business.

Want results? Tell your story to the men listening to 1010XL!


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