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Specialty, Night and Weekend Programming

"Jaguars Thursday" keeps you up-to-date with everything Jags-related during the off-season from 6-7PM with insight from Tony Boselli and Jeff Lageman.  During the season, "Jaguars Thursday" backs up to 7-8 PM with the "Gus Bradley Show" airing from 6-7 PM.  (1010 AM,  92.5 FM and 1010xl.com).  Also during the season you'll hear "Jaguars Monday" with J.P. Shadrick, Tony Boselli and Pete Prisco Monday nights from 6-8PM (1010 AM, 92.5 FM and 1010XL.com)

During the season, "Jaguars Monday" reviews all of the action from Sunday's game.  (6:00 to 8:30 PM on 1010 AM and 92.5 FM)

Jaguars Football by women, for women... and men. 


Go inside JU sports with the "JU Insider" Wednesday nights from 7-8PM on 92.5 FM throughout the school year.  Scott Manze brings you interviews and updates from around campus.

Richard Miller hosts the UNF Coach's Show on 1010XL from 7-8 PM Wednesday nights through basketball and baseball season.



"Time Out" with Paul Spicer (7-9PM Monday), Tony Smith (8-10PM Tuesday), and Ron Compton (9-11 PM Wednesday) continue our live-and-local conversations well into the night.  (1010 AM, 92.5 FM and 1010XL.com)



Best Bet presents "Poker Room Radio" (Wednesday evenings at 6:00 on 1010 AM & 92.5 FM)


The "Florida Roads Fishing Forecast" presented by Beach Marine with Captain Kevin Faver. (Wednesday nights from 8:00 to 9:00 on 1010 AM, 92.5 FM and 1010XL.com)


"The Outdoors Show" hosted by Jeff Lageman, Captain Kevin Faver, and Captain Kirk Waltz (Saturday mornings from 7:00 to 10:00 on 92.5 FM, 1010 AM and 1010XL.com)

The Edwin Watts Golf Hour hosted by Join Steve Tillis, "Caddy Mike," and Leslie Fisher. (Saturday mornings from 10:00 to 11:00 on 1010 AM, 92.5 FM and 1010XL.com)



Late nights, overnights and weekends our programming is provided by ESPN Radio - the number one name in syndicated sports radio.